HIS PTA Silent Auction – Donations Needed

Now that the holidays have passed, the Silent Auction committee is gearing up for the event March 5th. We are actively seeking donations from local businesses and would be thrilled with any type of donation…a gift card, gift certificate, gift basket, memorabilia, other tangible items, etc..   If there is not a service that can be offered, we can always have the business sponsor an item, like an iPad.

We rely on parents to help us secure donations, and we need your help!

Here is a letter explaining the event, as well as the donation form. If a business is interested in donating, they can either complete this form (and it’s what we’d give to the winner) or provide us with the gift card/certificate or other tangible item.

Businesses who donate will be listed on our auction website with a link directly back to the businesses’ website. We want to give as much exposure to our donors as possible to say thanks for donating!

If you have any questions, please email Crystal at getcrystal@ymail.com. Thank you for your support!

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