12 Days of Giving To Benefit PROJECT 150

12dog-smallAs we enter the Season of Giving, we recognize that there are many charitable organizations within our community who are deserving of gifts and contributions. We would like to request your consideration to support our charitable partner, Project 150, this holiday season through HIS’s 12 DAYS OF GIVING.

There are 12 school days between December 1 through 16. In lieu of the giving tree, this year we are seeking donations of critical‐need items for our community’s homeless high schoolers, some 4,000 teens. Project 150 works hard to encourage these kids to stay in school and graduate, giving them a better chance to end the cycle of homelessness.

• 1200 meals of microwave ramen “Cup‐O‐Noodles”
• 1100 packs of oatmeal
• 1000 bags of microwave popcorn
• 900 granola bars
• 800 bars of soap
• 700 fruit cups
• 600 plastic combs
• 500 hair brushes
• 400 bottles shampoo or conditioner or all‐in‐one (can be travel size)
• 300 tubes of toothpaste
• 200 sports balls (basketball, football, soccer)
• 100 $25 Wal‐Mart gift cards

Donations may be dropped off each morning 7:30‐8am at carline or in Henderson Hall. We’ll also be collecting in the Gallery the week of the Holiday Shop. PTA volunteers will be present to collect the donated items.

Should we meet our goals, HIS students will earn a Spirit Week in the new year!

Please feel free to reach out with questions or to arrange large‐scale donations hisptaemail@gmail.com.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of many teens. Thank you! Happy Holidays!

With Gratitude,
Philanthropy Committee

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