2017-18 Membership Drive

PARENTS: Please know that joining the PTA doesn’t mean you are volunteering to help at any of our functions – those signup lists are managed separately. We recognize that there are parents who have busy schedules and cannot commit to volunteering – and THAT’S OK! We would just like to ask you to join the PTA so that your membership dues go towards funding the FUN events that the PTA puts on.

And for those parents that DO want to be more involved, we have several committees, and you are encouraged to sign up for one… or more!

Henderson International School’s PTA membership signup is managed online via MemberPlanet. Below are instructions on how to join the HIS PTA. 

  1. Visit the following link to sign up and pay the membership dues:
  2. For first time members… after you sign up, within 24-72 hours you will receive an email how to activate your MemberPlanet account so that you receive PTA communications via email and/or text.
  3. Make sure to “like” us on Facebook and check the events tab – RSVP for the events you want to attend so that you receive reminders.
  4. We hope to see you at a PTA-sponsored event soon!


Follow us on: Facebook @PTAHIS and Twitter @HISPTATWEET

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